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Lady Gaga’s Crimped Hair: Snob or Slob


If you had asked me what I thought about crimped hair before seeing Lady Gaga‘s December Glamour cover I would have said no way to that ‘80s throwback, but I gotta say I’m kind of loving the above look! The piece-y texture has the same Cali laid-back vibe that you get with beach waves, but it’s considerably more original. The key is to brush out the crimps so they don’t look that artificial and to use a volumizing spray like Oribe‘s Volumistaicon. You’ll also want to keep makeup to a minimum and stick to neutral colors, as Lady Gaga did, so as not to overpower the look and end up looking like you’re headed to a costume party.

What are your thoughts on crimped hair? Are you ready for it to make a comeback?

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2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Crimped Hair: Snob or Slob”

  1. If you told me crimped hair would make a come-back I would have laughed, but it seems stars can do anything and possibly cause a resurgence with an old style. On the other hand, I think Lady Gaga can get away with almost anything 😉


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