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Lanvin Dessine l’Espoir Dolls: Babes in Toyland

Lanvin Dessine l’Espoir Dolls

Forget Barbies – this holiday season, the dolls in demand will be dressed in Lanvin! These rag dolls would make perfect gifts for the Lanvin collectors in your life. In fact, “rag doll” is not the right description. They’re dressed to the nines and made up for a night out on the town, yet the best place I can think for them to be is displayed in your loved one’s home. For this holiday collection, Alber once again teamed up with Dessine l’Espoir (or “Designing Hope”), an organization committed to preventing HIV/AIDS through education and art partnerships. Each of these limited edition characters has been hand-embroidered and sewn by a group of 20 HIV positive women in Swaziland, who were taught to sew by the organization. A portion of their proceeds will be donated to Dessine l’Espoir to buy school uniforms for Swazi orphans and underprivileged children. Why give a present that only benefits one person when you can give one that’s advantageous to many? Lanvin Dessine l’Espoir Dolls for $310 each.



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