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Prada Resort 2014 Collection: Flower Girl

Prada Resort 2014 Collection

It may come as a surprise that Prada’s 2014 Resort collection is supremely traditional. At least, conceptually speaking, that is. Miuccia is evoking the always-appealing notion (especially during the dead of winter) of an exotic tropical getaway with their upbeat Resort bags.

But I don’t have to tell you to expect a fresh take on a concept from Prada, no matter how cliché. For her, that’s the fun of it. She’s produced a cheeky, irreverent, retro-inspired take on the Hawaiian holiday, thanks to a deep, bold color palette and magnified and upbeat prints. Hard structure softened by flirtatious florals: these are the strong colors Prada is famous for, and this is the unapologetic commitment to a theme we love Miuccia for consistently delivering. For Miuccia, it’s all or nothing. And there’s nothing abstract or subtle about the message here. You want flowers? She will give you a spring field’s worth of flowers!

Prada Resort 2014 small Saffiano leather bag ($1,830) and large Saffiano leather bag ($2,450) available at Prada. Prada bags also available at Neiman Marcusicon, Bergdorf Goodmanicon, and Saks Fifth Avenueicon.

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