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Sage Lifestyle: Designed For You Whether You Like Fragrances Or Not


If you live in Los Angeles you’ve probably heard of LA-based artist Sage Machado. She had a store on Beverly Boulevard that countless celebrities were known to frequent including Julia Roberts, Madonna, Kate Hudson, and Sheryl Crow. Now Machado is focusing her energy on fragrances, candles, and fragrance oils, all of which are named after gemstones for the healing energy they impart the wearer. Also, interestingly, one of her personal and home fragrance collections is designed specifically for people who typically don’t like perfume (who are these people and why don’t they like beautiful fragrances?!). If you’re such a person, the collection is called Faint and offers lighter versions of her various products. As for her candles, also available in Faint scents, they’re awesome. They’re made from high quality waxes so they’re long lasting, and they’re all-natural so they burn without releasing toxic chemicals. Plus I love the yogi-esque packaging. Check out the full line here!


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