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Stitch Fix: Personal Stylist on a Budget

Stitch Fix

As much as I love styling myself, there is something to be said for having someone else help build your look. It’s interesting to get a new perspective because whether we like to admit it or not, we all fall into our fashion comfort zones from time to time. While getting an actual stylist might be overkill for the average Snob, getting a taste of the experience is so much fun, and San Francisco-based company Stitch Fix does just that.

Here’s how it works – you fill out an online style profile, then they send you five hand-selected pieces to try on from the comfort of your own home. Stitch Fix works with 200 brands ranging from new designers to big names, so it’s all done within the budget you give them (the average item is $65). These are clothes Stitch Fix’s stylists think you’d love, and like real stylists, they throw in a few pieces that you might not normally wear (the old saying’s true – you never know ‘till you try it!). Pay for the ones you like and return any you don’t for free. The styling cost is $20 up front, but if you keep any of the items, the cost is deducted from those. If you keep all five, you get 25% off! How can you resist trying it out at least once? See what it’s like to have your own stylist here



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