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A New Hermes Perfumer: The Nose Knows

A New Perfumer at Hermès

I have only met one nose in my life. No one told me her name. They simply whispered, “she’s THE nose.” I can’t imagine the pressure of having such gifted olfactory senses. Are yours so heightened that you can smell things a mile away? Christine Nagel’s are! She’s developed more luxury fragrances than we can even count, including Miss Dior Cherie and a slew of Jo Malone London scents, and starting in Spring 2014, she’ll be the new Hermes perfumer. Fans of the house’s resident perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena need not worry, though. In a statement released by Hermes, the company explained that, “Ellena’s wish is to begin a process of transmission of the philosophy and creativity of Hermes Parfums, thereby establishing the way for a happy succession when the time comes.” So there you have it! Are you excited to see what Christine comes up with?

Image Credit: British Vogue



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  1. Hello,
    I’ve recently started getting headaches with strong perfume smells. And perfume fragrances that I used to love using earlier, give me a headache and nauseous feeling now. Would you be able to suggest some mild but long lasting perfume names.