Adopted Cushion Wrap Case: Get Adopted

Adopted Cushion Wrap Case

Need a last-minute holiday gift idea? These Adopted cushion wrap iPhone 5/5S cases are perfect for all the Bag Snobs in your life! After all, it’s no secret we love quilting (see: Chanel), and with nine color options, they make for easy stocking stuffers. Not only will their cells be protected by bright upholstery, but also by metallized frames hiding beneath the quilting. Because when it comes to keeping pricey electronics from breaking, looks alone wouldn’t be enough. Plus, by gifting these to friends, you’re giving them the opportunity to switch out their phone accessories. Since no one wants to spend hundreds on cases when we know the new iPhone will come out tomorrow (not really, but you get the idea), most Snobs just buy one. How boring! You wouldn’t carry the same bag everyday would you? Give them an excuse to change it up with these soft, chic cases. Adopted cushion wrap case available on Adopted for $49.95.

Adopted Cushion Wrap Case

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