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The Best Bangkok Spas


I just got back from an epic trip to Thailand. I went with one of my friends and we went spa’ing nearly everyday we were there…and we were there for 10 days! That’s how fantastic the spas were. The best Bangkok spas were at the Okura, the Plaza Athenee, and the W Hotel. I never get facials because my skin is so sensitive, but at my friend’s urging I finally caved and got one at the Okura designed specifically for those with sensitive skin was GLOWING afterwards. Better yet the treatment started with a calming foot therapy treatment and my room had its own shower and changing area. the Plaza Athenee is equally lavish and they have a gorgeous pool. Most of the pools in Bangkok overlook construction – because, well, it’s everywhere! But the one at the Plaza Athenee is truly an Urban Oasis. I just got a manicure/pedicure when I was there, but it was a seriously thorough one – it took about an hour for each and they had a solid OPI selection. In hindsight though I wish I had gotten one of their blood type treatments…how cool do these sound??  Lastly you’ll want to check out the W where in addition to flavored fortune cookies (they come with your tea and are seriously delicious….that’s right, a delicious fortune cookie…), the rooms have customizable lighting based on your moods.


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