BU Wood Bags: Wood You Be Mine?

BU Wood Bags

An entire bag line made of fine Italian poplar wood? No splinters here! Russian-born designer Anya Bumagina moved to Italy in 2012, the same year she launched BU Wood. Inspired by the look of classic vanity cases, jewelry boxes, and hatboxes, she wisely enlisted the help of skilled Milanese craftsman to create her bags and the results are astounding. This is workmanship like you’ve never seen. I once learned how curves are made in the wood used for ships: they wet it and wrap it around barrels. I imagine a similar process is involved in the making of these gorgeous bags. They almost look like collector’s items (and I am a bag collector!). Designed with perfect symmetry and concepts of geometry in mind, precision is key and you can bet it’s here, from the circular, top-handled Bumi to the goatskin leather-coated Lady (the name says it all) to the lacquered and metal-topped Lubov. Each and every one is lined in vanilla calfskin, hand-stitched, uniquely numbered. Each one also takes about 10 hours to create, but that’s nothing compared to how long you’ll enjoy it. I recommend starting your collection now. The Bumi, $4,912; Lady, $1,965; and Lubov, $818, available at BU Wood.

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  1. felecia meeks on said:

    Would love this bag………………

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