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CB I Hate Perfume Gingerbread


I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to smell like gingerbread, but the CB I Hate Perfume gingerbread scent just re-launched and OMG does it make me want to eat a gingerbread house…like give me a whole house and let me bite into it like a food-deprived animal….that’s how yummy it smells. Of course wanting to smell like yummy gingerbread is different than smelling yummy gingerbread and that’s exactly the appeal (or not), of CB I Hate Perfume. Their fragrances are very love-them-or-hate them unique. I’m not giving up my Tom Ford or Hermès scents, but I do respect any brand that gets out of the floral box and I love their understated packaging. There is painstaking effort behind all of their scents, and their ingredients are very carefully chosen to stand out from the tens of thousands of fragrances out there so if you’re looking for something special they’re worth checking out. To see their various scents (and to read in detail about them and when they were created), click here.


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