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eBay x CFDA Tech Bracelets: Take Charge

eBay x CFDA Tech Bracelets

Few things in my world induce as much panic as a dead cell phone. I have all sorts of battery packs, but they tend to run on the heavy, cord-required side, which just does not work with my mini bag addiction. As soon as my phone shuts off, the following thoughts rush through my mind: What if the boy’s school is calling right now with an emergency? What if my husband needs to reach me about said emergency? What if I have an emergency, or run out of gas (you’d be surprised how often it happens) and am stuck on the side of the road until a serial killer finds me!? What if, what if, what if!

I’m exactly the person eBay and the CFDA made these tech bracelets for. Honestly, why try to fit your charge cord into your bag (or lose it in a large tote’s bottomless pit), when you could wear it as an accessory? From Nike+ Fuelband’s rose gold SE bracelet to these CFDA designer-made phone chargers, it seems technology is getting easier and more fashionable by the week. To charge your phone, now you can just unroll your bracelet and plug it in! All you’ll need to carry is your little plug-in dock. Get the black and hot pink Milly band for yourself and menswear designer Shipley & Halmos’ for your Man Snob. They’re made for everything from the iPhone 4 through the latest model, and even for Android, so you can get one for pretty much everyone on your holiday gift list! Available for $25 each on eBay.



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