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Gandia Blasco Crystal Box: The Glass House

Gandia Blasco Crystal Box

We all dream of walking in a winter wonderland, but in the cold? No, thanks! Spanish designer José A. Gandía-Blasco has come up with a way for us to lounge in the middle of it all without any of the winter wind or chill ruining your moment. Just picture curling up in your softest blanket with a glass of wine in hand while right outside the snow falls around you. This glass box allows for that fantasy to become a reality. And it’s not just reserved for the winter – beach and cliff front properties have incredible views, but there are only a few days of year when you can comfortably enjoy the view. If you live in that bubble, you will enjoy this modern bubble, unconcerned that the price starts at $40K. It’s custom built, so you can design it any way you want, whether it’s a cozy little escape or large enough to fit an entire dinner party. Imagine the magic of that winter marvel of a meal! On Switch Modern for $40,220.

Gandia Blasco Crystal Box



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