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Get The Look: Alessandra Ambrosio’s Hair


Girl got style! I had the chance to see supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio up close backstage at the Victoria’s Secret taping a few weeks ago and wow…legs for days!! But what really caught my eye was how effortlessly she carried herself. You can see it in the above image where she looks casual, but undeniably sexy AT THE AIRPORT! If I even looked 10% this good landing from my 24-hour flight from Bangkok the other week…! But I can try at least to emulate her look when I’m on the go at home via her half updo.

To get her look:

1. Wash and then towel dry your hair.

2. Apply a hair serum through your damp strands and then blow your hair dry using a nozzle attachment.

3. Straighten using a flat iron to get out any kinks and then curl the ends a bit so your hair doesn’t look flat.

4. Take the top half of your hair and spray it with a texturizing spray and pin it back.

5. Finish with a shine spray/flyaway tamer and voila!

And don’t forget flawless highlights! If anyone knows where Alessandra gets her color done, please share in the comments!

Image: Zimbio


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