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Steal This Look: The Messy Ponytail-Do

Get the Runway Look

Half pony, half updo…I’m going to call this the pony-do! The messy ponytail is the perfect blend of fun and formal. You’d be as likely to see it on the street as you would on the runway, making it a lifesaver on days when you’re rushing between work, home, and an evening event. And there’s no need for helmet-head style hairspray. In fact, the looser the hair, the flirtier your locks will be! It’s like bedhead – there’s just something undeniably sexy about looking good even when you’re slightly disheveled. To get the look, spritz on some volumizing spray like Alterna’s Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blasticon (at Sephora for $25), tie the hair up in a bun, and pull out as many strands as desired. This is where you can put your own spin on it – make the updo loose, wrap it with a bow, or very lightly curl the fallen locks for a dash of romanticism. How would you style the pony-do?



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