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The Gnarly Whale: A New…Gnarly…Vegan Range

The Gnarly Whale

With a name like The Gnarly Whale you know this brand has to be eco-friendly and vegan…am I right!? And I don’t mean that in a bad way…am totally loving the name and the fact that the brand focuses on using as few ingredients as possible in their all-natural bath and body line-up. Plus unlike what the name might leave you thinking, there’s nothing tree-hugging or granola about the streamlined, black and white packaging. The scents offered are also unique and there are countless to choose from – literally dozen upon dozens including pumpkin, peach orchard, Somalian rose, cucumber melon, caramel dip, sugar plum, coconut lime, strawberry champagne, tea tree, tropical tea, cherry almond and many more. The brand’s products include hair detangler, beach waves, toner, body and face scrub, body spray, shampoo, and lip balm. It’s so awesome to see brands like The Gnarly Whale thrive. It’s run by a husband and wife and everything is done on a small scale by people who truly care about the environment and treating our bodies well with products that have been made with care. The products also come in convenient travel sizes so you can bet that the scrub will be coming with me to Thailand next week!


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