Jimmy Choo Sasha Leather Tote: I’m Riveted

 Jimmy Choo Sasha Leather Tote

What a difference great execution makes. This kind of tote is not my thing; I don’t want giant stars on anything I wear, but such a witty way with design changes everything. I love, love, love how these embellishments are done.

The ratio of clean black leather to metal accents is high, so you get a sense of relative simplicity first, then pick up on the whimsical embellishments. Not only are stars included in the clustered array of rivets and grommets, they help form the shape of two massive stars for dual galaxies of fun. When it comes to bags, Jimmy Choo enjoys keeping their sense of humor in tact (in case you need a reminder, just look to their cocktail clutches), and the Sasha is no exception. A strategic arrangement of multi-toned metal bits manages to successfully turn an essential and basic tote into something exciting. And that’s no common feat. Jimmy Choo Sasha leather tote on Luisa via Roma for $2,075.

Pair with: Pile on the light metal with Chloé’s gold-toned Cary ring, doubled-up with a slinky chain linking the two together, for nonchalant daytime cool. On My Theresa for $285.

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One thought on “Jimmy Choo Sasha Leather Tote: I’m Riveted

  1. Samantha M on said:

    Oh my god. Gorgeous! x

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