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Kahina FEZ Body Serum: Winter in Morocco

Kahina Beauty FEZ Body Serum

Winter has come, and dry skin along with it. I don’t just need moisturizing – I need intense therapeutic care, and fortunately, I’ve found it in Kahina FEZ body serum. My love of oils knows no bounds, from cleansers to my face, body, hair care and even to my supplements! There is something so sensual and soothing about an aromatic blend of spicy and warm steam-distilled essential oils, especially after a hot bath or shower when you need to seal in all the moisture without ending up a sticky, oily mess.

The serum’s bold scent was inspired by Kahina founder Katharine L’Heureux’s trip to the sacred city of Fez, Morocco, the same country where she first discovered her love of argan oil (the ingredient around which the whole line is based). The cornucopia of herbal, earthy, and spicy scents makes for an invigorating, almost spiritual experience, and even lingers in the morning when I wake up. My skin is left drenched in hydration, shortening my AM beauty routine by entirely eliminating the need to moisturize. By the end of the day the skin is ready for more, but by no means parched. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the serum’s all-natural (in fact, 83.27% of the ingredients are organic – you know they’re serious about sustainability when they offer up a figure that exact!). This easily tops my list of all-time favorite beauty products. Try it for yourself, and let me know what you think! At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $98.



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