Maiyet Piatta Textured-Leather Tote: Kelly, Meet Piatta

Maiyet Piatta Textured-Leather Tote

Right off the bat, there is no denying this is essentially Maiyet’s take on a Kelly bag. Luckily, Maiyet has both a vision and attitude that’s all their own, preventing the Piatta from having the feel of a knockoff imitation. Instead, it’s a modern take on the Kelly, imbued with a refreshingly young attitude. The result: entirely new appeal.

Let’s break it down. The abbreviated flap, shortened so it switches up the proportions in an unexpected way, toes the line of almost being awkward, but only almost. It’s just enough to provide a unique sense of intrigue. I’m in love with the way the handle is attached at the top. That’s a detail I always pay attention to, and all designers like to distinguish themselves with a different way of doing it. Maiyet opts for clean lines that aren’t without detail. Topped with suede-paneled gussets and made in Tuscany, here’s a case where Italians do it just as well…if not better. Maiyet Piatta on NET-A-PORTERicon for $2,150.

Pair with: Neutral taupe will look hot against tomato-orange come your next vacation. Particularly in the form of Giuseppe Zanotti’s buckled and lightly strapped cage-back sandals. At Bergdorf Goodmanicon for $845.

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