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Pinch Provisions Skinny Minimergency Kit

Pinch Provisions Skinny Minimergency Kit

Small enough to slip into your purse and filled with all the “emergency essentials” you’d need when you’re traveling, Pinch Provisions has just come out with the aptly named Skinny Minimergency Kit (nothing like the word “skinny” to catch my attention…). The new $24 kit boats a slimmer design than other versions of this kit so you could conceivably even pop it in your clutch for a night out. In the pouch, which has a built-in mirror, you’ll find: hairspray, an emery board, a tampon, lip balm, clear elastics, stain remover, a nail polish remover pad, deodorant towelettes, earring backs, a safety pin, an adhesive bandage, pain reliever, double-sided tape, breath freshener, a mending kit, dental floss, clear nail polish, tweezers, bobby pins, mini blotting tissues, and a facial tissue. I wouldn’t take this out with me on any old night, but I’m heading to Thailand and hate packing…this kit makes it super easy for me to feel calm knowing worst case I have my bases covered should I not be able to find an “essential.” Plus everything is so tiny even if you don’t end up using everything you won’t be taking up much room in your handbag or suitcase.

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