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Ralph Lauren Children Holiday Collection: The Big Picture

Ralph Lauren Children Holiday Collection

When it comes to dressing up tots for the holidays, there’s no better brand than Ralph Lauren. You don’t want to spend a million (*cough* Lanvin *cough*) on seasonal wear that they might outgrow next year, but those special family photos call for special outfits. I buy something nice for my girls each year, and these two dresses are perfect for the picture taken around the tree. They’ll look like they’ve stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting! The long red corduroy ($49.99) is for the kind of tot who loves to play princess, and the ruffled cotton cascade number ($34.99) for the one who is always moving and shaking. The boys also have a couple of options – a cardigan ($59.99) that will provide polish and comfort, and a herringbone jacket ($259.99) that would make any man look handsome, whether he’s 8 or 80. Oh, and did I mention they’re having a 25% off sale? Happy holidays! Ralph Lauren Children Holiday collection at Ralph Lauren.



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