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Sneak Preview: La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Line

Sneak Preview

La Prairie held a splashy event to launch two new products that are the result of major innovation. They’re coming out early next year, but I had the chance to check them both out now: the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, which can work separately or together. They’re both formulated with a patented Swiss Ice Crystal Complex with algae and extracts of plants resilient to extreme cold that are found in the Swiss Alps. The idea is that if these plants can resist the extreme cold by adapting and flourishing, they will similarly have skincare benefits. At the event a variety of people, including one of the lead scientists, spoke about the tremendous amount of research that went into both of these products and while I can certainly appreciate all of that the question is always how do the products work and feel.

I’m not a big fan of facial oils even if they can be beneficial for most skin types (even those with oily skin…), but this oil while oily doesn’t leave an oily residue. The texture is described as “an oil-in-water gel-cream” and because it’s moisturizing I can see how it would work great added into the new cream for an extra hydration boost in the winter. The cream similarly has a rather thick texture for a facial cream, but absorbs quickly.


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