Tod’s Horse Grand and Alo Striped Shoppers: Off to the Races

Tod’s Horse Grand and Alo Striped Shoppers

Emphasis on the word “off.” Simply put, Tod’s has gone off the rails for me. What was once a classic brand that offered me timeless investments (take this python beauty back from 2011, for example) appears to have run off and joined the circus. Or the horse show. Wherever they went, they’ve gone from elegant and restrained Italians to kooky carnival folks.

Between the Horse Grand shopper and the Alo satchel, I’m not sure which one is worse. The color-blocked shopper is meant to resemble a jockey’s silks, which then begs the question, why? I guess a derby theme conjures up images of old-fashioned prep and leisure, but the only thing this large-scale checked bag brings to my mind is the clearance corner at Dillard’s. I love stripes on bags, so you’d think I’d be all over the racing-striped Alo, but Tod’s has taken a hard-to-ruin sporty vibe and given it a stodgy yet costume-y makeover (and trust, it’s not easy to achieve both at once). The stripes feel forced and far from fresh.

This really makes me sad. It’s like watching your favorite celebrity morph into someone else as a result of too much plastic surgery. It’s downright discombobulating. Let’s hope Tod’s gets in gear come next race day.

Tod’s Horse Grand and Alo Striped Shoppersicon at Saks Fifth Avenue .

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  1. Totally agree

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