Top 5 Black and Gold Bags: A Combo for the Ages

Top 5 Black and Gold Bags

It’s funny how your eye (and taste) changes with age and time. As it goes with foods (just try giving an eight-year-old me foie gras or caviar!), our penchant for certain visual combinations evolves and changes with the years. I remember back when I thought black and gold was too mature for me. I was in college, it was the ‘90s, and I wanted nothing to do with the flashy excess of the ‘80s. How far I’ve come!

Cut to late-2013, and I’m now addicted to this rich and luxe pairing, as evident by my recent Instagram posts, from my Linda Farrow sunnies-and-Hermès shake-up to my current Vita Fede bracelet extravaganza. These five black and gold bags make the obsession official:

1. Alexander McQueen De Manta Embellished Silk-Satin Clutch:icon This is a classic, time-defying style that only gets more elegant and origami-esque the more I admire it. Crystal acorns and chain-trimmed oak leaves enhance the effect. On NET-A-PORTER for $976.50 (from $1,395).

2. Edie Parker Jean Confetti Striped Clutch Bag:icon Bring the confetti to the party, no vacuum required! Cheerful sparkle meets Art Deco lines on slick acrylic. At Neiman Marcus for $1,195.

3. Saint Laurent Monogramme Leather Bag:: I can’t decide why I love this bag: the way it harks back to the Yves age of Saint Laurent or the insanely and effortlessly chic combination of gold metal and black leather. I guess it’s both reasons! On Luisa via Roma for $2,550.

4. Loeffler Randall Minaudière: Polka dots are always playful. Oversized in metallic gold they are downright delightful on this frugal-snob find. On Zappos Couture for $205 (from $295).

5. Reed Krakoff Boxer Micro Shoulder Bag:icon This isn’t your typical gold-on-black shoulder bag. But then again, nothing Reed does is typical. Metallic lizard-print suede is just divine. At Bergdorf Goodman for $763 (from $1,090).

One thought on “Top 5 Black and Gold Bags: A Combo for the Ages

  1. I love the Saint Laurent Monogramme Leather Bag but it reminds me too much of my chanel weekender tote bag. The similarities are insane down to the straps. However I prefer this design and size and design to the classic Chanel shopper.
    It would be interested to read about the differences in quality between the two bags however.

    About the Reed Krakoff Boxer Micro Shoulder Bag I would probably skip it because you can find something similar at coach, specifically the “MADISON CAROLINE SATCHEL IN METALLIC SPOTTED LIZARD”

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