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Battle of the Totes: Jessica Alba vs. Reese Witherspoon

Battle of the Totes

While Jessica Alba has been seen carrying her red Saint Laurent Sac de Jour (at Barneys New York for $2,950) all over LA, this casual airport outfit is probably the best way she’s styled it yet. Basic black Jimmy Choo Dart boots (at Nordstrom for $1,095) and a smoke blue Janessa Leone (on SINGER22 for $170) keep the look grounded, while the printed scarf acts as a more playful statement piece. It’s certainly a bolder look than Reese Witherspoon’s, but Reese is carrying the Row’s Day Luxe tote, which ups the competition every time. She’s also been seen with this on more than a few occasions (when you spend $5K+ for a bag, it would be hard to retire it after a couple of outings – even when you’re Reese!). Between the fresh cut bob, the leopard-print Louboutins, and the skintight skinnies, she’s looking sleeker than ever. But does her bag win the battle? Vote in the poll below!

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  1. i love Reese’s style better.. i love the whole look.. wouldn’t change a thing. but at first glance i really thought it was a Victoria Beckham Bag she was carrying.. hahaha

  2. I love (and own) the YSL sac du jour in black, but in the smaller size. This one, especially in red, looks wayyyy too big and clumsy. Almost big enough to have wheels and a pull-up handle for dragging through the airport. It looks like a suit case. Reese definitely has a better look