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Below-The-Belt Care with Healthy Hoo Hoo

Below-The-Belt Care with Healthy Hoo Hoo

Taking care of my below-the-belt area needs to go beyond my regular waxing because I workout and sweat so much…seriously eww if you just rely on water!!!! Feeling fresh “down there” is key, and Healthy Hoo Hoo makes it easy and safe (their products are pH balanced and made without the use of harsh chemicals) with their natural and paraben-free feminine care items. They have wipes, which are perfect for on-the-go – they’re designed to remove odor causing bacteria (great post hot yoga…). They also have a wash and a cleanser made with organic extracts if you’re looking for something with a foaming texture. Aside from odor these products are great to help with dryness and because they’re natural they won’t cause irritation. Best of all they all retail for $13.99 or under. Use them at the gym and in the shower for a squeaky clean feel!


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  1. Lol, I understand that this is probably an advertorial but seriously: “ewww if you just rely on water” is so dumb. It is NORMAL to rely on water, even if you work out, this is your vagina we’re talking about!

    Everyone can do what they want down there, but telling people it’s disgusting if you rely on water is disturbing. You can do whatever you want, don’t try to shame other people into doing it too.

  2. Ask any GYN and they’ll tell you water is safest. There is a fragile ph and bacterial balance that must be maintained for the health of the vagina.

  3. MJ is right. I love your website but please stick to bags. As a gynecologist, I see on a daily basis, many infections and irritations caused by these so-called safe organic products. Water is enough. If you must use something else please use a mild soap. that is all that is needed