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Ciate Nail Lab Kit: DIY Nail Polish

Ciate Nail Lab Kit

Have you ever wanted to create your own custom nail color? Now you can with the Ciate Nail Lab Kit, which comes with all the basic mani tools, plus a dotting tool, ombre sponge, glitter, striping brush, and a roll of customizable labels so you can name your polish creations (they have six colors to play around and mix with). Just mix various colors in a petri dish add in glitter if you so choose and don’t forget to use the included top and base coats. There are so many fantastic polish options out there making your own can seem like a frivolous waste of time – yes – but it’s also a fun activity (especially if you have a little girl!). As for me, while I don’t have a daughter or a niece to do some DIY beauty with…how cool would it be to have a dinner party and instead of place cards have custom created nail lacquers with each individual’s name on it? So dying to get my hands on this kit and plan my next dinner party (it will be high tea themed and I can’t wait…). Unfortunately Sephora has sold out, but you can get it on Ciate’s website (or on Amazon, but it’s way more expensive for some reason).


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