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Why and How You Should Be Drinking Matcha Tea


I am obsessed with matcha green tea ice cream. It’s super flavorful and has a slight bitterness to it, and unlike most ice cream that is so loaded in fat, cholesterol, and sugar, you can eat a few (perhaps too many) scoops of it without feeling sick to your stomach. It’s pretty hard to find it in the States, but it’s super easy to make yourself. Just get a pint of vanilla ice cream (Arctic Zero only has 150 calories for the WHOLE pint, and while it’s a bit watery, you’ll be pumping it with flavor), let it soften a bit, stir in 2 tbsp of matcha powder, and then put the mix in the freezer…so, so good!!!

Unlike regular tea which comes in loose leaf or tea bag form, matcha comes in powder form and to make matcha tea you whisk the powder together with hot (just below boiling) water for a few seconds ’till it has a frothy foam. Zen Buddhist monks have been drinking it for centuries (no wonder it helps to calm me down), and while it’s similar to traditional green tea in flavor, it’s packed with way more health benefits since you’re drinking the ground leaves (versus having them just steeped in the water you’re drinking). Matcha is loaded in antioxidants that have been linked to fighting a number of diseases including certain cancers as well as high blood pressure.

While I like it best with hot water or with ice cream, it’s very easy to get creative with it because of its powdery consistency. It’s still not that easy to get, but order the one from Republic Tea ($18) – not only is it super high quality at a relatively affordable price, but your matcha will come with a little recipe pamphlet for smoothie, latte, soup, dressing, and dessert ideas.


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