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Dry Brushing: Why You Should Be Doing It


When I was in Thailand I had my first experience with dry brushing at a spa. I was told it would help not only exfoliate, but stimulate circulation. Makes sense! That’s why I use “rough” scrubs on my body. In speaking with my therapist, however, she also said it was one of the most effective ways to fight cellulite. The most effective way – for better or worse – is still building up muscle underneath the fat tissue by doing squats and lunges etc. but I’ve been dry brushing on and off since my return about six weeks ago and it works a heck of a lot better than any lotion and potion to soothe out my backside (not to mention it’s way cheaper!). I’ve been doing it before getting into the shower about twice a week. Basically I gently apply pressure to the brush (it’s not supposed to hurt…) around any cellulite-prone area in a circular motion. It takes less than a minute. You could also do this on your whole body if you’re looking to exfoliate everywhere (personally I prefer to get rid of my dead skin cells with an exfoliator and water). Also remember it’s normal for your skin to be pink after dry brushing, but it shouldn’t be red and make sure to moisturize after your shower!


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