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Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm: Plant the Seed

Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm

Gardening with your tots is the single best way to teach them about food and health. They will eat what they grow and love the entire process. I do not have a green thumb but I try my best to keep a garden with my kids – a very small and manageable garden. Chuckle Farm has kits for kids that are perfect for my style of gardening. I need simple, straightforward instructions and plants that will live through my neglect. They make sure their kits don’t include rare or highly temperamental plants that require your every waking hour of care. Just the opposite. I planted beans and strawberries over the weekend with my girls. These are basically weeds that will grow themselves. The instructions are made for kids, and thus, are understandable by even the most amateur of gardeners. We also sprinkled some daisy seeds around the edge because the instructions said to sprinkle them over the top of the soil and let them grow. Easy enough. The packaging is super cute and so friendly looking that it makes you want to get started right away. Jack’s Magic Bean Fairytale Garden Kit ($11), Kids Strawberry Garden Kit ($14), and Growing Wishes Flower Kit ($19) available on Chuckle Farm.

Fairytale Garden from Chuckle Farm



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