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Gucci Caroline Crystal-Band Espadrille: Sweet Caroline

Gucci Caroline Crystal-Band Espadrille

I’m ready to start shopping for summer, and the first item on my list is always the same – espadrille wedges. I wear them from February to October in LA (sporting them during the holidays wouldn’t feel right, even at 72 degrees!). They are my favorite seasonal essentials, so beloved that I decided this year I must find a pair that can be worn all day and night – casually while the sun’s still out, then dressed up for the evening. I got back into Gucci shoes last year, and it seems I’ll be staying in them through 2014. I could be in these sparkly Carolines all day! Well, I’ll be sitting in them for the most part. No heels are made for walking in my book, even wedges.

The good news is that these are about as comfy as they come with an ankle strap to keep you nice and snug. Selecting the right size has never been easier thanks to Neiman Marcus’ new size predictor. Enter designers and styles that you know fit you well, and it will tell you which size to get in the shoes you’re looking to buy. For these, I typed in Jimmy Choo wedges since those fit me like a dream. It’s genius! Gucci espadrille at Neiman Marcusicon for $770.



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