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Marni Striped Faux-Leather Shoulder Bag: Are You With the Band?

Marni Striped Faux-Leather Shoulder Bag

Sometimes a bag isn’t downright ugly or outright atrocious. Sometimes a bag neglects to give me butterflies or the creeps. Sometimes a bag is just “eh,” merely enough to make you shake your head, shrug, say, “Huh,” and move on. Well, almost just move on.

This Marni shoulder bag is just that. You know I love a good stripe, from the racing variety to the clean and classic, but sometimes they come just shy of hitting the mark. They don’t pack a punch, yet there’s no delicacy, either. These stripes are so thick they vaguely resemble cushions on patio furniture; only slightly asymmetrical, so they don’t quite make sense; and with only four bold lines in view, so magnified they barely qualify as actual stripes. Maybe I’ve been looking at them for too long.

Prints aside, in dramatic oxblood or deep navy, this slim, pouch-like bag makes me wonder why a leather-loving brand like Marni would opt to go faux this time around. So how do you feel like these big bands of color: are you for this kind of blocking or do you want to block it out of your field of vision? Marni striped bag on Luisa via Roma for $770.



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