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Oscar Blandi Hair Serum: Get Stronger Hair Now

Oscar Blandi Hair Serum

There is only one thing to do when it’s freezing cold outside for days on end…go blonder! Well, that and book a trip to Miami, but that isn’t always feasible so a few weeks ago I went to Oscar Blandi to get my highlights touched up and brightened. Amy did an amazing job, and I also had the chance to meet Gina Guercia, a very well-known editorial stylist who heads up the brand’s product development. Oscar Blandi’s products are AMAZING. Who doesn’t love their dry shampoo (though be warned the power should only be used on light colored hair), and now I’ve become hooked on their Instant Thickening & Strengthening Serum. It’s totally weightless – just use it every day you wash your hair by applying it to damp hair prior to styling. It strengthens and thickens, making the perfect serum if you’re trying to grow out your hair in the healthiest way possible. Gina also gave me a good tip – she told me to start taking Viviscal supplements. She said that all the models take them. I’ve tried biotin and didn’t see any results, and the studies are iffy when it comes to supplements actually doing anything. But if this is what the models take for stronger hair, who am I to not at least give it a shot? Oscar Blandi hair serum at Macy’s for $30.


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