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Prada Spring 2014 Vintage and Embroidered Bags: Spring Awakening


Everything is coming up Prada for Spring 2014! This post comes with a disclaimer: I know I just wrote about Prada on Monday, and I have a rule about not doing back-to-back reviews on one designer lest I seem biased. But let’s be honest, if there was no Prada, there would be no Bag Snob. With that, I unapologetically give you their latest release of bags.

I can’t remember the last time a bag made my heart go all aflutter and scream with desire (Okay, maybe just Monday, but again, it was PRADA – besides, these anti-high-art bags couldn’t be more different).

This decked-out and detailed motif appeals to the teenager in me, back when I owned every single bejeweled and bedazzled white leather thing I could get my hands on. Throw in some fringe, and you can pretty much visualize me in the ‘80s, for better or worse. My inner 17-year-old reappears once in awhile, so it’s lucky that Prada’s update is for the best.

Vintage studs on white leather still speak to me, especially in tip-top structured form, while the chocolaty satchel projects a more rugged demeanor. If studs aren’t you’re thing, the marriage of grommets and whipstitching might tickle your fancy, whether you keep it light on your shoulder or big and flared in your hands.

Now, if I can just convince Kelly to buy me one for Chinese New Year. Of course I’d buy one for her as well. It’s an old trick we practiced in college to fool our parents, but now who would we be fooling – ourselves?! Hey, that just might work…Vitello Vintage Sound Bag, $2,800; Vitello Vintage Twin-Pocket Satchel Bag, $2,995; Embroidered Saffiano Shoulder Bag, $2,670; and Embroidered Saffiano Twin-Pocket Satchel Bag, $2,950, all available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus (expect delivery by April 7th).




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