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Saint Laurent Candy Bags: I Want Candy

Saint Laurent Candy Bags

Suddenly craving something sugary? I know I am. Saint Laurent has struck a sweet spot with their latest style: a mini-bag that’s equal parts cute and edgy, tricked out in grommets and studs and stripes and everything sparkly. Thankfully, though, not all at once.

With the choice between the hardware-laden pointed-eyelets style, which harks back to the heavy metals of the mid-‘90s; super-slick, glossy stripes, as graphic as can be; a galaxy’s worth of starry sparkles, a la the sequin-decked version; or studded leather, the most moderate of the bunch. I’m like a kid in a – you guessed it – candy store. A yummy quartet like this just goes to show: when you have great details delivered in the right doses, you don’t even need color. This Candy is addictive and likely to make you a little hyper (but it won’t give you a cavity, I promise). Saint Laurent Candy bags available for pre-order on Luisa via Roma for $950 each (expect delivery by March 1st).

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4 thoughts on “Saint Laurent Candy Bags: I Want Candy”

  1. the dimensions on the glitter bag is 8cm by 9 cm by 3 cm. Is that right? a three inch by four inch bag that is one inch wide?

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