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Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo: Red Means Stop…and Stare

Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo

We may have questioned the originality of Stella McCartney’s Beckett bag, but the Beckett hobo? It’s in a league all its own! This comes down to the Brit designer’s incomparable use of faux leather. A great hobo is hard to find. A vegan one? Even harder. The nature of synthetic leather just doesn’t lend itself to fall and scrunch the way real leather does, rending a hobo out of the question. That is unless you change the construction of the bag so it’s made of origami-style panels that mimic the easy, breezy style you long for. Genius! Besides the functional aspect, this also allows for pops of gray faux suede to break up the bright cherry red, which by the way is pretty much indestructible (you clean it with Windex!!). Oh, and did I mention the bag’s 50% off? Gotta love post-holiday sales! Stella McCartney Beckett hobo at Matchesicon for $556 (from $1,112).

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3 thoughts on “Stella McCartney Beckett Hobo: Red Means Stop…and Stare”

    1. The material she uses is amazing, you can’t tell it’s fake. There is so much incredible technology out there now, soon all bags will be vegan!



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