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TEAtox to Retox with Your Tea


I posted a picture of TEAtox ($35 for 42 bags) on Facebook, and I got a half dozen e-mails from friends asking me about it – every single one of them ordered it…what woman – for better or worse – isn’t looking to detox? I’m not saying this is a quick fix for weight loss – nothing is going to replace diet and exercise, and I do think Your Tea‘s website wildly exaggerates the results you’ll see from drinking their teas. But their TEAtox tastes good (it’s herbal but not TOO herbal), and it helps sooth my stomach after a big meal. I’ve been drinking a big mug after dinner, and I can definitively tell it helps with my digestion and that became obvious after the first time I drank it. I don’t drink the recommended three cups a day, and I’ve still found the tea to help. Also, don’t be fooled by the tea’s consistency. Usually if you look at a tea bag and the inside is tiny little particles the quality of the tea isn’t great (you want to actually be able to see the ingredients in the tea bag – kind of like mystery meat versus a nice piece of Kobe!), but these rules don’t tend to apply with Chinese herbal teas.

If you’re like me and tend to overeat when the temperatures drop, I’d look into buying this tea – especially if you eat big meals close to bedtime. Kusmi also makes a great one and so does Ten Chi Cha.


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