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Tom Ford Shameless Nail Lacquer


Some might say that if you spend $32 on nail polish you are, in fact, shameless, and ordinarily I’d agree – but not so with Tom Ford‘s lacquer. It lasts forever!! He just launched Shameless, and I love a good, deep red so as soon as I got back from Thailand I painted my nails with it. I then went to Miami and after six days with my DIY mani my nails literally had no more than a few little chips (picture below). Pretty impressive – especially considering I was out and about/in the sun/at the beach etc… and you only need one coat! The polish is part of a collection that includes two lacquers and two lipsticks, all of which are extensions of Ford’s ever-popular Jasmin Rouge scent (my favorite after White Suede!). Shameless is a deep red (for some reason some of the pictures I’ve seen online make the shade look more pink-ish, but it’s really more crimson). To go with it there’s a deep red lipstick called Rouge Fatal ($49) and then there’s Vampire Kiss ($49) and Trophy Wife ($32) for more pinkish tones (the polish as a slight iridescence, but it’s a pretty deep pinkish red). Tom Ford Shameless and other nail hues at Neiman Marcusicon.


One thought on “Tom Ford Shameless Nail Lacquer

  1. Yes! I have Trophy Wife nail lacquer and it lasted two weeks, wore off some but no chips. Even washing dishes.

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