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Alexander Wang Wants You To Get Fit

Alexander Wang Wants You to Get Fit

Every so often I’ll be at the gym, and some girl will come in with a full face of makeup and some absurd outfit that includes like…leather shorts or something similarly impractical. I inevitably roll my eyes because while I am all for putting effort into how you look – even at the gym (because a key to a good workout is feeling good about yourself) – wearing non-sportswear clothing to work out is just not smart! This brings me to Alexander Wang’s workout gear. Wang pioneered luxe sportswear so it’s fitting that he’s expanded with sportswear “objects” as he calls them, and, well, I’m obsessed! At first I kind of rolled my eyes thinking these fell into the category of superfluous nonfunctional frills, and while maybe spending $135 on a jumprope is superfluous, it’s function and to-die-for chic. I NEED this jump rope ($135)! Black, gold, leather (faux but whatever)…it’s is the sickest jump rope I’ve ever seen! He’s also got boxing gloves, weighted balls, and a yoga mat. Alexander Wang jump rope at Alexander Wangicon for $135.


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