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Balancing Your Doshas [+What The Heck Is A Dosha]


If you follow Deepak Chopra even a little bit you’ve likely heard the word Dosha. I’m not a huge follower of Deepak as I’m wary of anyone who bills themselves as a spiritual leader while building an empire via, at times, questionable means (you can read more about him on his Wikipedia page). Doshas however are a very interesting part of Ayurveda. Whether you’re going to an Ayurvedic doctor or buying Ayurvedic beauty products, your dosha is what is used to connect you with the right products/remedies. There are three doshas, known as mind-body types (find out which one is yours by taking this quiz), and the breakdown makes sense. We all have elements of each dosha, but one of them dominates in each of us regulating our behavior and emotions. I’m Vata based off the quiz, and it describes me pretty eerily well! If you’ve been reading my blogs over the last few years you might know that I’m tea-obsessed. It’s as important to my well-being as my daily workouts so of course I was all over Harney & Sons Chopra Center Set ($45).

Harney is one of the most respected tea brands in the world (if you live in NYC, stop by their SoHo shop!), and they’ve teamed with The Chopra Center to create this set of herbal Ayurvedic teas. There are teas aimed at balancing each Dosha. Each tea is designed to do one of the following: Sooth, Relax, or Invigorate. As mentioned we all have characteristics of each Dosha in varying degrees, and few and far between are those that couldn’t benefit from all three of the teas (for better or worse…). For convenience each also comes with a teacup and one of Deepakā€™s books. Each tea tin usually retails for $14 (they have tea bags inside not loose leaf), so it’s a good deal. They’re also herbal, caffeine-free, and organic…teatox time!


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