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Completely Bare BrowLab: My Eyebrows Will Never Be the Same


Brow guru Joey Healy has teamed up with Completely Bare to open a shop-in-shop brow lab, and it kind of changed my face in the best way possible! I mentioned recently that in trying to lighten my brows. They turned orange, and I was using a tinted brow gel from Anastasia to cover up the mishap. While the gel worked fantastically, I wanted something permanent so I went for a brow makeover at the BrowLab.

Not only did they shape my eyebrows beautifully (they work exclusively with tweezers as I learned from the specialist that waxing encourages eye-area sagging), but they used a tint to darken my brows. They’re nearly black now, which I never would have done were my brows not orange (a dark color was necessary to cover up all that ugliness). The new color has worked wonders to frame my face. Turns out Cara Delevingne really is inspiring women as I was told that 9 our of 10 women now want darker brows, even if they have lighter hair. It may seem severe to go for something dark, but I highly encourage it! I also feel like I need less eye makeup now. If you’re in the NYC area, check out the new Completely Bare BrowLab. It’s $35 for tinting and $55 for shaping, or you can get both for $75.


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