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Eos Lip Balm: Be Mine

Eos Lip Balm

NYFW has finally drawn to a close. Eight days of incredible collections, but also incredibly horrible weather! To survive the brutally low temps and high winds, I had to keep my skin in tip-top shape, and that included my lips. I am somewhat of a lip balm aficionado, having used everything from nipple cream and cow udder balm (seriously) to fancy, flavored, department store versions. It all started when my son was about five years old. I leaned in for a kiss, and he shouted, “NO KISS ME WITH LIPSTICK,” while staring with horror at my heavily glossed lips. Since then I have tried everything out there and have to say eos is one of my favorites. Even after more than a week of shuttling between extreme cold outside and dry heat indoors, my lips crack-free and smooth as ever. I am landing in an hour (Gogo wifi on board is everything – I’ve been blogging from the plane!) and can’t wait to kiss my boy and hubby. I love the sweet mint flavor for winter, but today pink pomegranate raspberry sounds so refreshing. Happy Valentine’s Day, Snobs! Eos lip balm at Ulta for $2.99.

Eos Lip Balm



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