Kohl’s Pink Elephant Necklace: The Elephant in the Room

Kohl’s Pink Elephant Necklace

I had my first mammogram at 31 to create a baseline for comparison against the one I would have when I turned 40. Just last month I visited the doctor again and was told this time to return due to an “area of concern.” Note to self – don’t open letters from a hospital on Saturday morning. I spent all weekend in a panic, only to find out on Monday that there was no mass or calcification, but rather some dense tissue they wanted to reexamine. It turns out younger women have denser breast tissue, though after that scare you can bet I’ll be getting my mammograms annually!

This is just the kind of awareness that Katie Holmes and Kohl’s are promoting with their new campaign. They’d like us all to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room – breast cancer. The duo hopes to create awareness for the disease and also raise money for the fight against it. Beginning today, 100% of the proceeds from the pink elephant necklaces will go to Kohl’s Cares. The Lauren Conrad-designed jewel will only be available for a limited time – get one for yourself and a few for girlfriends before they sell out! At Kohl’s in small ($5) and large ($8).

One thought on “Kohl’s Pink Elephant Necklace: The Elephant in the Room

  1. Terri Davis on said:

    I love the pink elephant necklace wondering if it is made with safe materials lead and nickel free?

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