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Louisdog OMG Dog Bed: Fido Goes Frou Frou

Louisdog OMG Dog Bed

I am not a crazy dog owner. Of course I love my pup like she’s a person, but my house is certainly not full of crazy dog lady accoutrements. I have normal stuff. Her bed is forest green, so this majorly frou frou alternative with a tufted head board, tutu skirt, and too many bows would normally be way past the line for me. It’s literally called OMG. As in, OMG I must have it!! Maybe it’s the shabby chic motif that I have a weakness for. Maybe it’s because her bed is next to my bed that has more pillows than there are heads and all the other things that make it girly. Whatever it is, this Louisdog OMG bed brings out the crazy in me. It’s just too good. My husband is thrilled. At Funny Fur for $355.



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