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Outdoor Running Essentials From Lululemon

How cool is this jacket ($228)? It’s part of a whole line that Lululemon launched featuring reflective panels, so you can safely run outdoors even when it gets dark and cold at 5 p.m. The line is the ultimate in functional and fashionable outerwear. I’ve been running in one of the reflective jackets and not only is it comfortable, it’s lightweight and warm. I’m a little cold at the start of my run with just a thin layer underneath, but once I get going it’s perfect. They also have reflective accessories – I just bought a pair of their gloves – and they make a world of difference if you plan on running outdoors in a busy city like New York. I tend to be more a fan of indoor running because I like the perks of AC and towels, but I also love Nike run club, a free running club that meets twice a week and runs outdoors. It’s just a fun and cool way to socialize and meet new people while getting a workout in (Lululemon does these as well, though I have never tried one of them). I’ve been “forcing” myself to go every so often. I have yet to come across anything as perfect for an outdoor winter run as Lululemon’s reflective pieces!