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The Philosophie Superfood Blends


The Philosophie is a brand that makes superfood blends that do everything from enhance your mood and fight stress to strengthen your hair and help clear up your skin. Basically the blends are like healthy trail mixes (I love trail mix, but chocolate chips and pretzels are not healthy! Neither are nuts when you eat too many of them, which is what I inevitably do when I get my hands on traditional trail mix…). Available in three varieties, they combine organic ingredients shown to have potent beauty and health benefits including organic acai for stress; organic goji to fight heart disease; organic pomegranate to prevent blood clots; organic tocos to improve digestion, skin health and nails; organic camu camu for immunity; organic cacao powder for its mood boosting properties; and many more. None of the mixes have added sugar, and their cacao variety (sugar free – again unlike pretty much any trail mix out there, most of which tend to be high in sugar AND sodium)  has 10 times the antioxidants of green tea, more magnesium than three cups of broccoli, and more calcium than a glass of milk. Perfect snack if you ask me! Check out all the Philosophie superfood blends here.


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