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Pratima Love Oil

Pratima Skincare Love Oil

A little while ago I wrote a story on doshas and Ayurveda, and Pratima is a line of skincare, body care, haircare, and sun care products that put them to work. You can take a quiz on their site to determine your dosha, and then they will recommend products specifically for you. There are also products that work regardless of your dosha (they’re called “tri-doshic” as they contain ingredients that address each mind-body type without creating any imbalances), and one such product is the Pratima Love Oil ($28), which I’ve been obsessed with. In a testament to how clean it is, you can literally see the active ingredients through the clear bottle. I know this can all sound a little kooky, but there’s something to this way of thinking. It encourages being more aware of your body and its unique needs, which is something that can be translated into all areas of life. When I spoke to the brand’s founder, Dr. Pratima Raichur, she said that they key is “being aware that our bodies are naturally susceptible to imbalances and that we need to continuously make the right adjustments as these imbalances increase and decrease.” I for one think we can all use more love! Little surprise I keep the Love Oil on my desk 🙂


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