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Victoria Beckham Quincy Tote: Quintessentially Quincy

Victoria Beckham Quincy Tote

The single best tote of 2013, aka Victoria Beckham’s Liberty bag, now comes in miniature form – petite girls everywhere rejoice! Victoria told me she named her newest style after her niece (lucky girl, how I wish I had a posh aunt armed with chic bags) when I previewed the Quincy in person with her last month. Completely fell for the cheerfully adorable totes– I had to be patted down upon leaving, as I tried to take off with all of them! At 33cm, it’s perfect in scale, making an impact without overwhelming me. It also packs the same top-notch level of quality, impeccable craftsmanship and delicious buffalo skin. The most versatile and easiest of bags, wear it nonchalantly open for a casual tote style or fasten the tab closed for a chic, neat pyramid shape.

Why even attempt to decide between dove gray or hot pink? It’s impossible. Contrasting interior of soothing nude compliments either color effortlessly. Besides, at these prices, I plan to get both!

VB bag collectors are the truly snobby sort. They’re the girls who don’t care about showy logos or the status “It” bags. They’re the connoisseurs who prefer a quieter brand of luxury. The Quincy doesn’t just seem made for them; it proves the best things in life really do come in small packages. On for $1,275.

Pair with: Highlight the bag’s nude lining with Victoria’s Denise dress. Trimmed with mesh and cut to femme-fatale effects, it oozes put-together polish. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $1,895.

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