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Woodmobiel Standard Kit: Building Blocks

Woodmobiel Standard Kit

No matter how much they were pleaded for, most toys are junk and lose their appeal to tots approximately 10 minutes after they’ve been opened. I just went through my garage, and half of the space was filled with unwanted toys. Much like Mom Snobs and their bags, kids need just a few versatile, quality pieces to keep them happy. It also doesn’t hurt that this will save said Mom Snobs money and garage space!

Dutch designer Ben Fritz must have faced the same issue with his grandchildren’s toys, leading him to create the Woodmobiel kit. Tots can use these building blocks to make anything from vehicles to a vanity table to an operational crane. They satisfy just about every playtime dream imaginable – flying, driving, building, etc. It’s fun to watch your little ones make connections and develop their engineering skills, and for the truly challenging models (there are 20 in total – even more if your child wants to get creative!), a great opportunity to play with them. The kit comes with all the necessary tools (just wrenches and bolts – nothing too dangerous, especially if you’re supervising), so they can get straight to assembling. How much better is this than watching them put their heads down for hours on end to play Minecraft on an iPad?? Woodmobiel standard kit on Amazon for $299.95.



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