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Yummy Yammy: Move Over Salsa

Yummy Yammy

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa? Unfortunately salsa tends to be far from healthy when you buy it in a jar at the supermarket. Not only are most very high in sodium, they’re usually devoid of any nutritional benefits and loaded with preservatives. Now there’s an alternative thanks to Yummy Yammy. Instead of using tomatoes as their base the brand uses sweet potatoes, and all of their flavors are made using only recognizable ingredients (no funky chemicals or preservatives here – just good for you produce and spices). Better yet they’re super low in calories; depending on the flavor, a whole jar is just 200 or 250 calories! Expect a consistency similar to salsa and expect a similarly delicious mouth-feel, but the flavor profile is obviously different given the ingredients used.

None have artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sugar, dairy, wheat, or gluten. The brand’s products are also vegan/vegetarian, fat and cholesterol-free, and loaded with Vitamin A. I often eat it alone – my favorite flavor is Tuscan sweet potato salsa w/ roasted red pepper, white bean, and basil, but it goes just as well with chips, eggs, or even over meat/rice dishes. You can even heat them up when you’re cooking and use them as hearty sauces!


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