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Best Spring Break Read: Social Death

Best Spring Break Read

Whether spring break takes you to the ski slopes or to the beach, be sure to pack Tatiana Boncompagni’s latest thriller, Social Death, in your new bag. The mystery revolves around the murder of an Upper East Side socialite who carried with her a weighty secret. Things start out with a bang, as we discover that the deceased was the childhood best friend of our heroine, news producer Clyde – and the daughter of Clyde’s billionaire boss! From there, each page seems to turn itself, and anytime we think we’ve finally figured it all out, Tatiana throws in more twists and turns. You find yourself rooting for Clyde, in spite of her moral failings, but unlike in fairy tale endings, she doesn’t get her prince. What she does get is the truth, though, and in this case, that’s far more compelling. So forget watching Revenge on your tablet while you’re lounging by the pool – download Social Death! On Amazon in paperback ($12.99) and on Kindle ($2.99).

Best Spring Break Read



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